At College Prep, we prepare our students to make a positive difference, encouraging engagement in a full array of school activities, and in service and learning opportunities in the broader world. 
We integrate work and play, helping students recognize the elements of a balanced life. School spirit, cross cultural collaboration, and civic engagement are integral to the well-rounded development of our students. Through experiential programs and learning opportunities, we hope that all College Prep graduates leave with the self-awareness and confidence to pursue their passions and actively participate in the world.
The same love of learning that all College Prep students share makes life outside the classroom especially vibrant. Whether you decide to join (or start) a club, captain a sports team, volunteer at a local elementary school, become a senior mentor, serve on the Spirit Committee, cook for the Berkeley Men’s and Women’s Shelter, or attend the national Student Diversity Institute, you will work in collaborative environments that allow for opportunities to take risks, express yourself, and appreciate the perspectives and gifts of others.
The Student Life team helps students discover the fun, joy, and meaning that makes College Prep not just a school, but a community.

La vida de estudiante

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  • Photo of Steve Chabon

    Steve Chabon 

    Dean of Students
    510-652-0111 x213
  • Foto de Jeremiah Jackson

    Jeremiah Jackson

    Director de Equidad e Inclusión
    510-652-0111 x212
  • Foto de Sara Lipton-Carey

    Sara Lipton-Carey 

    Consejero de la escuela
    510.652.0111 ext. 238
  • Photo of Trinity  Thompson

    Trinity  Thompson 

    Director of Experiential and Community Based Learning
    510-652-0111 x241

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