College Prep’s dance program has inspired and challenged generations of students.
College Prep’s dance program has inspired and challenged generations of students. The program includes elements of various dance styles, including Latin, Contemporary, Jazz, and World Dance. All classes develop historical and multicultural appreciation of dance through guest choreographers, master classes, videos, and field trips. Diverse choreography, music, and collaborations encourage dancers to stretch their imaginations as they build their skills. Students discover what dance reveals about cultural, national, and ethnic identity, class and gender, and study the history of major dance forms. All levels practice technique through class work, learn a range of choreography through rehearsals, and perform in the annual spring dance showcase. Dancers from all classes may participate as performers and choreographers in the student-produced Choreo Series dance show in January.

Dance Foundations 1
introduces basic dance terminology, technique, improvisation, conditioning, strength, and dance class etiquette. Students explore alignment principles, weight shifts, and level changes all while fostering a mindset of personal growth. Dance Foundations 2 challenges students to express themselves artistically while exploring elements of dance such as space, time, and energy. Students in this course are prepared to choreograph and direct dances through the annual student-led Choreo Series. Students in Performance Ensemble advance their technique through intricate patterns and advanced movements such as lifts and floorwork. Together, students construct dances using the principles of composition coupled with individual, community, and cultural experiences as source material.

Students may start their College Prep dance career in any of the three levels with permission of the instructor. Dance courses may be repeated for credit and also count towards the athletics graduation requirement. Performance Ensemble students may audition for after school performing dance, a group which dances throughout the Bay Area in schools, theaters, and dance festivals.

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