Students take Applied Learning out of the Classroom

At College Prep, there are many ways for students to take their learning out of the traditional classroom. Our applied learning courses combine on-campus course work with full-time, six-week internships. Nothing could stop these students, not even a pandemic! STEM and STOak students worked virtually over the summer and presented their research to the school community.

College Prep’s Social Transformations Oakland (STOak) class the intersections of various social justice issues in Oakland. Topics included policy, youth empowerment, and American citizenship. STOak students presented the issues they worked on with their community organizations over the summer and invited all participants to reflect on these important topics in a discussion.
This year's cohort of budding STEM researchers presented the scientific findings from their summer research projects with academic and non-profit institutions in the Bay Area. The students explored a wide range of topics from research design and ethics to biostatistical techniques, literature reviews, and more. They talked with experts from the WHO, UCSF, UC Berkeley, and leading research NGOs.

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