Intraterm, one of the most eagerly anticipated programs at College Prep, takes place during the spring semester.
The program offers intensive one-week experiential classes and trips to all College Prep students in a variety of settings. Students choose from special courses, field studies, internships, community service work, and trips. Intraterm encourages personal growth beyond the classroom curriculum. Designed to include intellectual and other appropriate risk-taking opportunities, Intraterm is a welcome and ungraded week during which students stretch academic boundaries and try new activities. Annual participation in Intraterm is a graduation requirement.

Check out the video below from the Moviemaking Intraterm class:

Intraterm FAQs

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • When does Intraterm occur?

    This year, Intraterm takes place the week of Monday, February 27 through Friday, March 3. Parents or guardians of students should not plan a family vacation during this week.
  • What is the Intraterm format?

    Most courses run from 9:00 am through 3:00 pm. In some cases, instructors hold class in the late afternoon or evening. Between five and seven off-campus trips are usually offered each year. These excursions take students out of the Bay Area, and in certain cases, the country. Some trips may leave a day or two before the Intraterm official start date. Please check
 the dates and times of all opportunities before applying.
  • What classes and trips are offered?

    Past classes include:
    • Adolescence On and Off Screen
    • Adventures in Glass Making
    • Animal Adventures 
    • Animation
    • Bake & Make: Making your Mark Through Food, Art & Textile
    • Caribbean Conservatory
    • Celebrating Books as Objects of Art and Beauty
    • Chinese Food 101: An Introduction to Chinese Food Culture
    • Dream, Design, and Build!
    • Effective Leadership
    • Explorations and Fun on Mount Tamalpais
    • Exploring Careers in Medicine and Public Health
    • Exploring the Art and Food Cultures of San Francisco
    • Eyeball or grape? Irrational Adventures in Perception
    • Fish & Ships
    • From Shutterbug to Expert Photographer
    • Historic World War II Sites in the Bay Area
    • Histories and Food Stories of the San Francisco Bay Area
    • Improve Your Improv!
    • Kiteboarding
    • Ruck, Maul, and Scrum: Rugby 101
    • Sailing in the San Francisco Bay
    • Songwriting and Performance
    • Swing Dance
    • The Physics of Circus
    Past trips include:
    • A WICKED Hollywood Dance Immersion!
    • Baseball and Nature in Arizona
    • Expanding your cultural perspectives in San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)
    • Mono Lake and the Eastern Sierras
    • Rainy Day Foodies: Exploring Portland’s Food and Culture
    • Rugged Ramblings: A Channel Island Adventure
    • The Disneyization of Society
  • Can students opt for a trip every year?

    When making trip assignments, the Intraterm Committee gives preference to those students who have not yet experienced trips. However, students who have gone on an Intraterm trip will not necessarily be excluded from going on future trips.
  • How much does Intraterm cost?

    Parents are charged for courses that cost more than $250/student. College Prep works hard to ensure that the school offers a wide variety of Intraterm opportunities and a majority require no fee. Financial aid is available to qualifying students.
  • Is Intraterm required?

    Intraterm is a graduation requirement and all students are expected to participate fully. Attendance expectations and school rules apply. Students may petition in their junior year to substitute a college trip/tour for that year's Intraterm.

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